Pro Tips Experts

by steve
  • Baron, Edward

    Edward Baron is an expert on coatings from Beckers, Group. To learn more about Beckers Groups consumer products visit their website.

  • Farmer, Frank

    Frank Farmer is the president of American Metal Roofs, based in Michigan. To learn more about their products and services visit their website.

  • Haddock, Rob

    Rob Haddock is the CEO and Founder of S-5!, which specializes in brackets and clamps for metal roofs. To learn more about S-5! products visit their website.

  • Hutt, Katherine

    Katherine Hutt is the chief communications officer with the International Association of Better Business Bureaus, Inc. (IABBB). To learn more about the consumer services they provide, visit their website.

  • Kenty, Joel

    Joel Kenty is a partner in Green Knight® Metal Roofing, based in Texas. To learn more about their products and services visit their website.

  • Kyles, Scott

    Scott Kyles is a content marketing specialist for Cibirix, Scott partners with major metal building providers like Carport Central. To view carport products and services visit Carport Central by clicking here. To learn more about Cibirix services visit their website.

  • Meinhold, Todd

    Todd Meinhold is a contractor with H&D Quality Builders, Inc. in Roanoke IL. To learn more about their projects and offered services visit their website.

  • Miller, Todd

    Todd Miller is the president of Isaiah Industries, which operates a collection of brands focused on providing permanent roofing solutions based in Piqua, Ohio. Classic Metal Roofing Systems; Kassel & Irons; Green American Home; RoofAquaGuard; and their distribution business ARS Metal Supply.

  • Perkins, Dan

    Dan Perkins is president of Dan Perkins Construction based in Ishpeming, MI. To learn more about their products and services visit their website.

  • Sloan, Dwayne

    Dwayne Sloan is the director of Principal Engineering for UL’s Built Environment group. To learn more about the consumer impacts of UL visit their website.

  • Tomlin, Scott

    Scott Tomlin is the Sales / Service Manager at DI Roof Seamers, a roof seamer manufacturer located in Mississippi. To learn more about the machines they offer visit their website.

  • Upchurch, Darris

    Darris Upchurch is a content writing specialist with Cibirix. Darris partners and develops content for metal building providers such as Carport Central to educate consumers and illustrate the benefits if modern metal structures. To learn more about carport products and services provided by Carport Central click here. To learn more about the services Cibirix provides visit their website.