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Pro Tips On: Your Metal Roof is a 144-page book designed to teach consumers the benefits of installing a metal roof. Written by industry experts, Pro Tips On: Your Metal Roof has been designed with customers in mind. Readers will understand their metal roof needs and likes so they end up with the quality result a long-term investment deserves. The major areas of consideration have been broken down into five themed sections: Metal Roofing Essentials; Climate; Facts, Factors, Fashion & Financing; Look Before You Leap and an Inspirational Gallery full of gorgeous, quality, completed project images.
Metal roofing is a proactive way to shield your home against many of the environmental problems of today. All of the people who contributed to this book want to help consumers have great metal roof installation experiences.
Consumers will learn:

  • How to evaluate their needs
  • What they need to know to communicate their desires effectively to their contractor
  • What is significant and what is less important so they can make beneficial decisions
  • Important contract and warranty considerations
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There are many people looking to invest in ease-of-living. Having a carport at your home is an affordable choice when seeking to protect your vehicles, adult toys like ATVs, boats or RVs, or create a shaded social space. Carports can be added-on to and become garages, shops and living spaces. Learning what you install now and knowing where you ultimately want to end up is important. The information shared from our Pro Tips On experts will help you understand existing options.Learn about base preparations, anchor types and weather impacts to consider in your county. Pro Tips On: Your Carport is an invaluable resource to help customers make informed choices about their needs and communicate those desires to builders.Inspirational examples, options, facts vs. fiction clarifications are included.

  • 144 color pages
  • More than 200 images/illustrations
  • Written and reviewed by industry experts
  • Gallery of designs for many purposes from attached and detached basics to add-on option upgrades
  • Coverage of need-to-know basics including Shield Zone climate system guidance
  • Warranty protections explored
  • Metal carport and maintenance tips
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Pro Tips On: Your Metal Roof is a 144-page book designed to teach consumers what you might not understand you need to know to even be able to put something on your property, like zoning requirements and HOA, is important. Making sure you are familiar with local code regulations, so you do not incur unwanted expenses by having to redo or remove a carport you have installed, is also important. The first section of the book is all about the essentials: determining needs, frame style options and component parts. There is also coverage of wood types and metal strength options. From-the-ground-up knowledge about base options is covered from different types of materials to the significance of ensuring its level to avoid structure stresses that cause damage. The second section covers climate. Information specific to your home county is available using our Shield Zone system. Knowing the range of weather a carport may face will help in choosing the quality materials needed for a long-term successful installation. Climate change has been redefining some areas in terms of weather elements. Knowing what is currently trending and being able to discuss it with your builder in terms how to combat the impacts on a carport investment is possible. Users are able to share a common source for the conversation. Specific information on convective storms and hail damage considerations are covered.
The Appendix includes a glossary of carport terms so project conversations can become easy between customers and contractors who will be able to go back to the same resource, which is a benefit toward mutual understanding. While there is a lot represented by the term “carport”, the reason why people need one is pretty simple: environmental protection of their toys. Carports protect items from sunscald, rain, hail and snow. Items like cars, boats, motorcycles, RVs, tractors and trucks to name just a few.
Meet the Editor

Tracy L. Schubert

While new to the construction industry, Tracy L. Schubert is a career book editor who has crafted more than 17 published books. She is looking forward codeveloping many more consumer-focused books in the Pro Tips On series.

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